Spring is known as the season of renewal, rebirth and regrowth. Buds begin to bloom. Days begin to last longer. Even wildlife catch spring fever –  after all, many come out of hibernation or come back from migration and begin the mating season.

Seasonal changes also effect people. With the warmer weather of spring, many of us feel as if we are coming out of hibernation, too! The increase in sunlight has the greatest positive affect on our bodies, mood and health. Sunlight is a natural mood booster and helps our bodies get the vitamin D we need for healthy bones. Plus, spending more time outside is often a motivator for getting more exercise, which can help reduce stress and improve our mental clarity. In fact, research has shown that simply spending time in nature can lower blood pressure.

Spring may also affect the foods you crave; you might find yourself wanting less heavy foods and preparing lighter dishes, soups and vegetables. I’ve got you covered! This month I’m focusing on the benefits of cauliflower.

As the season changes, I’m wishing you a happy and healthy transition!

Marsha Beals, Certified Health & Wellness Coach, AADP

P.S. If springtime is motivating you to make some changes to look and feel better, consider working with your own personal Health Coach. Studies show that people are twice as likely to achieve their goals when they have support! Contact me for a FREE Health Consultation.