I am a fifty seven year old woman who has through the years gained weight even though I am quite active. I have known Marsha for most of her life. She is an individual with whom I entrusted my three daughters and now I am entrusting her with my own health and well being. With her help, encouragement, guidance and praise I have as of today April 30th ; I have lost fifteen pounds. That is about one pound per day for the past seventeen days.

I am calling this a journey that started with my weighing in at 205 pounds of some muscle, but a lot of fat. The detox week was the first part of my journey and it was the key to helping me change my eating habits and Marsha just gives the right type of encouragement to turn that key with her words of direction. An example of that is her saying “Now don’t forget you can eat as many vegetables as you want. If you get hungry eat some more vegetables.”

I’ve tried various diet plans throughout my life and some have been successful, but they never taught how to eat right. This method is working for me. I find everyday easier and easier to just do it, and I know with Marsha’s help I’m going to do this. I don’t know what my goal is so far, but some weight loss is better than no weight lose. She is my friend and confidant and I feel so much better having her by my side to encourage me.

You know it’s been years since anyone, but my doctor has known my weight even Marsha didn’t know my weight and didn’t ask.

S. Michaud