Mental health is a foundation to well-being and happiness. When we are mentally healthy, we feel a sense of clarity, confidence, and worthiness. It allows us to show up fully in our day-to-day lives with joy, appreciation, and inner peace. When we take care of our mental health, we are likely to make wise decisions, take inspired action, foster nourishing relationships, and view life’s challenges as opportunities for growth rather than roadblocks to our success.

Stress, which can have a major impact on the quality of our mental health, is unfortunately more rampant today than ever before. Studies have found that stress is a major contributor to a person’s psyche and that there is a correlation between chronic stress and mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety.

So what can we do? Enter self-care!

Self-care is all about recognizing that our body has needs and taking inspired action to meet those needs. Being an IIN grad, we acknowledge that mental health is a journey, not a destination and that no one way of approaching health will work for everyone. It’s important to follow our inner guidance to know what kind of self-care is required for our optimal mental health.

Need a little self-care inspiration? Here are ten simple ways to support you in improving your mental health:

  1. Use a gratitude and personal success journal. Write down three things you are grateful for and three things you are doing well each day.
  2. Cuddle with a pet. Spend time petting a four-legged friend! Animals have an amazing ability to soothe, comfort, and relax the nervous system.
  3. Get crafty. Spend some time coloring to alleviate anxiety and clear the mind. Check out some free printable coloring pages online.
  4. Laugh! Laughter is the best medicine, so watch a funny show, read a book that makes you giggle, go to a comedy show, or spend time with people who make you laugh.
  5. Eat omega-3 fatty acids. Improve your mental health by eating foods that are high in omega-3s, such as flaxseeds, walnuts, and wild salmon.
  6. Let your inner child play. Spend time this week doing one thing that you loved doing as a kid. Whether it’s playing on a swing, enjoying a board game, or skipping on the sidewalk, set aside some time for childlike fun and recreation!
  7. Take a nature walk. Immerse yourself in nature this week to reduce stress and boost your endorphins. Try hugging a tree for extra grounding support and anxiety release!
  8. Practice meditation. Spend five to twenty minutes each morning sitting quietly. Focus on your breath as it flows in and out and observe any thoughts in your mind as if they are just clouds passing by in the sky.
  9.  Play music. Turn on your favorite music, sing, or play an instrument. Enjoying music is a great way to activate and strengthen the right hemisphere of your brain.
  10. Turn off screens. Experiment with turning off all electronic devices (television, computer, e-reader, cell phone, etc.) at least one hour before going to bed. Not only does reduced screen time support mental health, but it also promotes a more restful sleep!

Your mental health is so important for living a happy and fulfilling life. Honor yourself this week by making self-care a priority to reduce stress and improve your mental health!

Next step…nutrition. It’s hard to make dietary changes when you’ve been eating a poor diet for your whole life and nobody told you this is actually putting you in an increased risk for disease. It’s not your fault that you don’t realize what your current diet is doing to your body.

When you give your body a chance to be healthy, your body accepts it and the magic begins. You can feel amazing! It’s amazing how quickly the body responds when it has the tools it needs. The choices you make with food is the one thing you can count on to make you healthy. Chronic disease will disappear if we have the will to do it.

There’s nothing worse than feeling really isolated and alone…like you’re the only person doing something. It’s time to invest in yourself and motivate yourself to do something different by contacting me for a FREE consultation.

Together we will:

  • Connect the dots between who you are and who you want to be
  • Create your personal blueprint
  • Decipher your body’s unique needs
  • Set your personal goals and work towards sustainable change
  • Learn about “food as medicine”IIN has given me some powerful tools to help my clients unlock their potential and remove the roadblocks to their success. You’ll feel empowered and thriving!

Healthfully yours,


Marsha Beals, Certified Health Coach & Wellness Educator
Specializing in Holistic Health & Healing Nutrition