Do you find yourself eating more during quarantine?

Right now, we’re dealing with a range of emotions all at once – anxiety, stress, sadness, and anger. As a result, we may be coping in different ways, including turning to food for comfort. However, diet also plays an important role in why we may be feeling more anxious and stressed right now, too.

Are you worried about what you’re eating? Do you find yourself scrutinizing the way you look a little more than usual? Are you choosing foods to avoid, but at the same time feeling triggered by cravings for sweet and salty foods?

A big part of staying healthy while at home is diet, which includes what you eat just as much as when, how much, and why. You may find yourself struggling with emotional eating because your emotions are heightened as you try to navigate this new norm.

The good news is you’re not alone. As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I have the unique ability to inspire positive transformation in others. By looking within, we will address habits with food and empower you to seek nourishment from both primary and secondary food.

Everyone has a different relationship with food, but tuning into what your body needs to thrive is an essential part of breaking unhealthy habits. By working with me, you will gain more awareness around your food relationship with my guidance and support in cultivating a more mindful relationship with food. Contact me and start receiving the support you need during these stressful times of COVID-19.

Marsha is on a mission to help people “Turn Health into Habit” by teaching them how to implement small, simple changes for lasting health. She is a huge believer in satisfying cravings for junk food with healthier alternatives. Ignoring cravings only lasts for so long, which is why it’s so important to learn how to indulge in our favorite foods without compromising our health.

Check out Marsha’s healthy recipes here and schedule a free introduction appointment to get the support and guidance you need during COVID-19.